Do you blog for show or for dough?

Why do YOU blog?

Do you blog for show or for dough?

This is a mantra central to the office I share with John Falchetto. You can actually replace the word “blog” with any other word if you want to!

It helps us stay focused on what we are doing, and why.

I receive a lot of emails from my awesome subscribers asking for advice on their online businesses (if you’ve not subscribed GET ON THE LIST NOW – pink box on the right)!

The number one question I ask after I have visited their website is “what do you do?”

Yes, there is a problem.

You need to be 110% clear on whether you blog for show or for dough.

There is nothing wrong with blogging for show – none whatsoever. Go ahead. BUT! If you are an online business using a blog as a marketing tool then you need to print out the image below and put it on your wall.

blog for dough not for show - ameena falchetto

If you blog for business you need to shout it LOUD and PROUD

I’ve lost count of the people who said they don’t talk about their business on their blog because they are scared of being “too pushy” or “too salesy”.

TIP: You can demonstrate the benefits of your services and/or products without being salesy or pushy by talking about them as if you were talking to a friend.

Also, if you are not advertising you have something to sell, how is your reader meant to know?

Hiding the fact that you have something to sell is hurting your business.

The amount of people doing this is incredible. Hiding your services and/or products is NOT subtle selling – you are missing the point (and the sales).

Blogs are incredibly versatile. Use them to YOUR advantage.

TIP: Make sure you have a list of your services, and yes, include your prices.

Don’t forget that you can use visual aspects such as your header and sidebar as a way to promote your services and/or products.

Ask yourself “How will this help my potential customer” before you hit publish.

Content for content’s sake is a waste of time. You may like writing, you may have varied interests. It’s highly likely that you do have a range of varied interests – do all of them relate to your business? Probably not.

TIP: Ask yourself if your content will help someone become a client. This will help you manage your blog content AND make a huge difference in converting those readers into paying customers.

So, do you blog for show or for dough?

And yes, you can do both, but the most important out of the two will determine your approach (and have a result on your bank balance)

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27 Responses to Do you blog for show or for dough?

  1. Hi Ameena,

    I used to blog for show, well, I used to blog in order to learn and teach what I’ve learned and connect with brilliant people. That was the reason why I blogged, but now I’ll be blogging as part of my business strategy. I just need to finish creating my strategy, so I’ll know what my services are and what I should be promoting.

    You’ll definitively see some changes 🙂

    • Hey Jens,

      I started blogging for show – and that’s fine – my intention was to learn – then I started this site and I knew how it all worked so I made the decision that the show will go on but behind the goal of dough …

      Sounds like you are making giant, exciting leaps these days my friend! Well done!!!!

  2. I blog for both I feel. I like showing my writing skills and yes, it has bought me two big jobs… so dough it is! I didn’t know dough would come in later on but it has, so yayy for me!

    See, I show way to much 😉

  3. Ameena,
    great advice. I found it shocking that your number questions when visiting sites is “what do you do”.

    It’s made me take pause and think about my own site.

    In my master mind group we often talk about how to get your services to the forefront of your business blog and how pushy is too pushy. It does feel weird at first I have to admit.

  4. Hey Ameena,

    Awesome post 🙂

    I blog for neither of these 😀 You see, I actually started blogging because I didn’t have anything to do in my spare time (I don’t like playing online games like many of my friends). I consider blogging as my hobby (I blog for the fun/satisfaction I get through it – by writing and getting feedback from people).

    But, you did ask a great question. It is one that we bloggers have to ask ourselves, why do we blog.

    Anyways, thanks for the post (And thanks to Hajra for pointing me to this awesome blog :D).

    Jeevan Jacob John

  5. Hi Ameena,

    Can I say both for now? 😉 I definitely have some plans in the works. I want to help people, and I am very grateful to have met some incredible people online, but I do have some to-dos in the pipeline and you will see changes. I want the experience to be rewarding for all and I would like to continue enjoying the entire process.

    Thanks for the advice!

    • Hi Craig,

      No, you can’t do both. Sorry. One has a greater weight, a greater level of importance.

      For me the show is cool, I like it, I need it, it fuels me, inspires and motivates me. BUT, what I aim for is the dough, every. single. time.

      Can’t wait to see the changes!

  6. I blog for both. I would be lying if I said that I only blogged for the sake of blogging. My posts are from my own experiences blogging and how it can help others while I also promote that I offer my services to help as well. What makes me laugh is to see a blog boast that they don’t make any money and they have affiliate links all over their site.

    • Hey Sonia, one must have more importance to you than the other though?

      Yeah, people who hide that they are making money annoys me. I know some bloggers who say that you shouldn’t aim to make money online, or through their blog but then build a huge presence which then leads to other channels where they are clearly affiliates and making crazy cash there.

      Be transparent – otherwise it leads to distrust.

  7. I’m very new to the blogging game (when I say new, I mean like 2 posts new), but I started my blog with a view to promote my online business, share information, tips and what not.

    I guess I’m still finding my feet with this blogging thing, as I enjoy writing the posts but need to learn to get the balance right between writing dough generating posts and the showy stuff.

    Having said that, I have just written my first proper business promo post. It’s lurking in the ‘published privately’ pile, soon to be published and I feel OK about that.

  8. I guess as mine is not a business blog, just a personal one, that it’s ‘for show’, it’s a bit of a hangover from when I was running an online business (which I no longer do) but I enjoy it and I like the social interaction.

    • It’s ok if it’s for show, just be clear – I have a for “show” blog and if it makes a few pennies to cover the hosting one day I’ll be really happy but it’s not my goal! Thanks for sharing!

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