How do I promote my business during the Coronavirus pandemic?

Ok, it’s a shitty time all round – the media has spun the Coronavirus (Covid-19) into a crazy spin – toilet paper shortages, mass panic buying of rice, pasta, couscous, and non-perishable goods – events cancelled left-right-and centre! Small businesses and entrepreneurs are facing dramatic cancellations with debilitating consequences. You are not alone. This pandemic… Continue Reading

How many products should I offer?

Knowing how many products you should offer is always a challenge. Yes, you may like to have lots of your choice to have something for everyone but that’s not going to work. This product advice relates to anyone in the handmade industries, digital products, manufactured products and could be useful for service industries who create… Continue Reading

How to find time to market your business.

Finding time to market your business is one of the biggest challenges you can face. As entrepreneurs we wear a lot of different hats and juggle a multitude of tasks. More often than not we get caught up working IN our business and neglect the important side which is working ON it. Working ON your… Continue Reading

3 things you’re overlooking that could be costing you sales

You could have the most amazing product or service, a marketing plan that rocks, beautiful visuals to match and you’re still not getting the sales your heart desires because of a small oversight that is actually costing you sales.   Here are my top 3 peeves/ most overlooked things that could be costing you sales… Continue Reading

How to deal with complaints and negative reviews

Every business owner needs to know how to deal with complaints and negative reviews. At the end of the day we can’t please everyone. What’s important is to know how to deal with the situation when it arises and not take it to heart. Very often, if you are a solopreneur or offer a highly… Continue Reading

Time to grow your business? Are you ready to outsource?

Does it feel like there are just not enough hours in a day? Do you have a “to do” list that never seems to get done? Are you putting off that new website? Your accounts? The cleaning? All of the above? Remember, just because YouTube is full of amazing tutorials that can teach anything from… Continue Reading

Welcome to my new site

Woo hoo! Welcome to my new digital home! Finally Ameena Gorton dot com is here! I say finally because it’s been long overdue. I debated whether I should have a website or not? Business was going well with referrals but there were those emails from gorgeous people on the internet asking where my site was, or… Continue Reading

What do I do when someone opens a business just like mine?

You’ve spent months, perhaps even years, creating your delicious offerings and making them fly when, all of a sudden, some new kid rocks up doing the same thing. What do you do? Well, obviously, you have an endless list of options. (NOTE: I’m assuming this business is not impinging on copyright nor stealing anything that… Continue Reading

Trying to be “affordable”? Why you need to stop right now.

Are you trying to be affordable? Do you find yourself playing with your pricing to make your prices appear totally irresistible, or too good to be true? The thing is, too many people are going on this quest to be affordable and connecting affordability with price. When affordability is all to do with value, specifically… Continue Reading

My top tips for working from home efficiently!

I often receive emails from people struggling to work from home. Whilst working from home can be super liberating, and save you oodles of time on the commute to work, it can be challenging. Many struggle to find the time to market their business, or just get down to work. Throw in a little human… Continue Reading