5 common marketing mistakes (and how to avoid them)

Everyday I see amazing businesses fall prey to some of the the most common marketing mistakes. Just because you have a great idea and are super talented at what you do doesn’t mean your business is going to be a success (sorry darling!) Do you ever get stuck when it comes to marketing your delicious… Continue Reading

5 ways to save time and make more money!

I’ve yet to meet someone who doesn’t want to save time and make more money. Sounds like a dream come true but it’s not impossible. Ever wondered how some seem to juggle everything from family, work, crazy social commitments manage to roll out drool worthy offerings into the world AND still have a smile on… Continue Reading

Is your niche too small?

Working out where your delicious offerings fit into this world can often feel like witchcraft or wizardry. You have probably been told repeatedly about the importance of finding your niche. That sweet spot that will guarantee unrivaled clarity and crazy cash? Finding your niche is a real challenge, and most times it finds you. After all that… Continue Reading

How do I stand out from the crowd?

We all want our business to stand out from the crowd. Actually we need it to stand out in order to really succeed. You’ve created a business, you’ve taken that step many dream of. And then you start questioning yourself. What makes my business special? When, in fact you should be asking “what makes ME… Continue Reading

Marketing for Wellness Coaches

Seven years ago, when I was part of the founding team for Fitness First Middle East I met a bright young woman who joined the company as part of the Personal Training Team in the first Fitness First to open in Dubai. This bright, young woman is Angelica Horvatic. Finding clarity Angelica has a vision, she… Continue Reading

How to convince people to buy from you

Chances are you aren’t the only person in the world doing what you do. You are probably surrounded by people offering a similar, if not the same, delicious offering. The challenge for every business is how to stand out and win your corner in your market! So how do you convince people to buy from… Continue Reading