Business is business regardless of where it’s conducted

48 hours into my Social Media Blackout I was filled with a bizarre mix of creative freedom and curiosity. It was a lot like the school holidays when I was a kid, wondering what everyone was up to and wondering if my friends were thinking of me too.

My inbox showed that there was certainly a level of intrigue surrounding my Social Media Blackout – some even questioned if my business could survive the blackout. My head was spinning, self-doubt creeped in, confusion, panic and a hell of a lot of fear. (Yes, I am human)

Within a week I discovered that I could accomplish all my tasks, and actually finish them in record time without the distractions of social media.

My grand plans for my social media blackout (and what transpired)

I did something I recommend everyone who blogs for business to do – I READ my own blog. I took my own advice and well, the results are quite impressive.

Prior to my blackout I felt I had to do something different with my site and my business. I felt I had to create a digital product and I actually had mapped it all out. Then I stopped and asked myself WHY?

When I couldn’t answer that question without umm-ing and ahh-ing and coming up with the lame reason = cash – the project was shelved and probably never to be revisited.

I evaluated my business and my 3 other businesses. What worked? What didn’t? What did I stand for?

What I realised was that my business wasn’t broken so why the F am I trying to fix it?

Social media “gurus” lead you believe that online business is different.

The next time you hear this RUN. That is complete crap.

Business is business is regardless of where it’s conducted.

A blog is not a business. It’s a tool. Social media is a collection of shiny tools that help you promote your message but it’s a giant worm hole filled with false metrics to lull you into a crazy sense of being loved and rewarded for your efforts. Now, in business the only reward you really want (or should want) is to make money in return for your products or services. If you are looking for unconditional love go pet a dog.

So, instead of trying to create something completely new and utterly reactive I decided to steamline my already delicious offerings. Services have been repackaged and I’ve given this site a facelift to reflect what I stand for.

And no, I didn’t spend a fortune as that really is pointless. My goal is to make money, not spend it.

Changes that are staying

I will not be reinstalling my Twitter and Facebook apps to my phone. The only way I will be able to access social media will be through my browser. As much as I love my virtual peeps they are not welcome to intrude my life unless I invite them in.

Social media will have a place, sometime after lunch – the mornings are too precious for nurturing creativity.

Consuming the thoughts of others (reading blogs) will be reserved for a few hours a week as I leave the office for the day.

I’m not going to kill myself to blog every week – it will happen when I have something mind blowing to share with you.

So, I’m back!

Today, 20th August 2012 this site is the virtual storefront for my business (and it’s no longer a side hustle as I moved away from my holiday rental business that I built in 2008)

It also happens to my birthday!

Be a darling and give me the best birthday pressie ever and share my new look with the world

More soon xoxo


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  1. Ameena,

    Welcome back, I like the new look of your homepage…

    I’m looking forward to what comes out of 3.5 weeks of no social media. I’m sure very good things!

    Ryan H.

    • Thanks Ryan! It was interesting to see the place social media has in an online business and what metrics we measure unnecessarily! I’ll probably update in a month to make sure I give a full view of the impact logging off had!

  2. First of all Happy, Happy Birthday! Second…my most fav part of what you wrote today is this :

    “Social media “gurus” lead you believe that online business is different.
    The next time you hear this RUN. That is complete crap.
    Business is business is regardless of where it’s conducted.”

    I could not agree more!!
    Congrats with your new look and welcome back !

  3. Hi Ameena,

    Social media is a worm hole. You hear that siren song and it completely sucks you into the vortex … Ahhhh 😉 It’s great you had the willpower to resist and gain some clarity. This all sounds so sensible too and it really is great advice.

    Nice job with the look of the site as well.

    Welcome back and happy birthday!

  4. Wow, I love what you are saying: “I read my own blog and took my own advice”

    That’s so powerful and so recognizable.

    When I write something and I read it back some time or even years later, I raise my eyebrows and ask myself “did I write that kind of wise and powerful stuff?” 🙂

    Happy Birthday! You’re looking great!!!!

    • Thank you Stephanie! It is so true – I look back on things I wrote 10 years ago and I’m like WOW (but similarly, during the site redesign I found some posts which made me think “seriously? I published this crap?”)

      • Haha that is true as well. The most crapy posts on my site are the ones which I kinda wrote because I felt I had to write and in which I’m speaking like everybody else instead of writing and speaking from my own heart and experience.

  5. Happy birthday & welcome back. Missed you, but thrilled to read about your epiphany.
    Had myself a shorter and less formal blackout while I was on vacation with my beau last week. It was lovely to be out from under the pressure of keeping up with “everything” and it definitely helped clear my head. I came back to my desk today ready and enthusiastic. Can’t wait to get to work on my own biz & site updates. Exciting times!

    Glad you’re back – see you on Twitter and Facebook … but only after lunch!

  6. Welcome back and happy birthday! You AND your website look hot! Way to go Ameena!
    I think you were so wise to stop and ask yourself “why”. It’s so easy to feel like if we’re not doing
    it like the virtual neighbor, or like the guru said it should be done then that might mean we’re doing it wrong.
    But not Ameena! You decided to do YOU and to do it YOUR way. And that’s why you rock!

    • Thank you Pascale for all your support! It’s funny how we look at what others are doing and get side tracked and confused. Turning off from the noise and taking a step back to look at my business as if I was my own client was a very interesting process!
      Thank you again!

  7. Your site looks AMAZING! Great job. I love what you’re doing with the Social Media Blackout. Keep up the good work and let’s set a time to have you on the show.

  8. Hi Ameena,

    Great blog, great thoughts on the social media. I fell into the social media trap about 4 years ago and drove my self silly reading all the blogs and tips etc. Got Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook (Personal and Mara House), Pinterest, Blog, Google+ Scoopit, as well as my own website.

    Also got google analytics which I don’t fully understand but after 4 years I can definitely say that if I dropped them all tomorrow it would not affect my business one little bit. The amount of traffic coming from social media to my site is one thing, but the amount of cash that results from it is another thing entirely.

    I did the same as you, my creativity increased, I slept better, had oodles of free time :-), was less stressed and was relaxed enough to figure out google sites and moved my website over, tidied it up etc. Guess what? My new site is more concise, fluid and requires much less maintenance – my mind is clearer! Funnily enough my business is also booming!

    I’m not dropping sm completely but am not jumping to it’s demands anymore – your blog will be one I keep an eye on 🙂

    Best regards to John – he interviewed me some time ago.

    • Hi Mara, thank you so much for sharing your experience! Yes, it’s a trap – but once you draw that line in the sand and say “enough” you do end up with a lot more time!

      Thanks for coming over – great to meet you 🙂

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