Get Famous on YouTube?

Make a video, upload it and get famous on YouTube. It’s that easy right?

Yesterday I was talking to a friend who was telling me about the ABC documentary 20/20 “Generation YouTube”.

A fascinating insight on those who uploaded videos and became famous overnight.

It’s obvious that many came away thinking that it’s that simple; make a cool video, create a YouTube channel, upload and the cash will fly in … if only it was that simple.

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Some YouTube Facts

  • YouTube has a mere 3 billion views a day
  • 48 hours of video are uploaded EVERY minute (more than 700 videos)
  • There are only 20,000 YouTube partners today (they are the people who make money directly from YouTube)
  • YouTube is ranked the 3rd most visited site (after Google and Facebook)

Talent vs. Luck

There is an incredible amount of junk of YouTube. Poor quality videos, annoying people doing stupid things and lots of duplicate content.

BUT! There are a lot of amazing videos too. Some incredibly talented musicians, speakers and people providing excellent how to guides on the simplest things.

One thing that has never been more apparent is that talent doesn’t equal money. For every person that has made it on YouTube there are thousands who just didn’t get blessed with luck.

Talent is something you have to work at. You may have a gift or be good at something but making it into something special you have to work at it. A lot.

Given the fierce competition luck seems to play a larger role than talent.


It’s a labour of love

YouTube wants you to believe that by being able to “Broadcast Yourself” you can become famous. Why?

When you make a video and upload it you are creating content FOR YouTube.

Overnight fame happens to very few. Even if you get your 15 minutes of fame it doesn’t guarantee that there is any longevity in the making.

Joe Penna “MysteryGuitarMan” pulled a year of all-nighters to get his content created before he was discovered.

His dream was to be directing commercials in 20 years, he achieved his goal in 5. He dropped out of medical school to focus on his YouTube channel once he realised he was onto something.

Hard Work and Fairy Dust

For those who do make money from YouTube and are famous they spend on average 60 – 80hrs a WEEK creating content.

It’s not a quick fix – there is no place for the 4 hour work week ethic when it comes to YouTube or anything for that matter.

The barrier to entry is virtually non-existent when it comes to YouTube. Almost everyone has a video camera on their phone and camera and access to the internet.

All the tools are at your fingertips.

I’m not saying you can’t do it. You can. Does it mean you should?

Believe in yourself and more so in fairy dust. What’s holding you back?



11 Responses to Get Famous on YouTube?

  1. Hi Ameena!
    I made 2 videos. They’re gone now. I saw myself and was shocked at how I look and sound. You have to be able to get past the perception you have of yourself and focus on the message. THAT must take an awful lot of practice, because I couldn’t get there without emotion! So, yes, anyone CAN, but not everyone should hit “publish”! I think a lot of coaching and editing must go into a successful video.

    • Hi Betsy! Yes, it’s so hard! I want to start making videos but I HATE the sound of my own voice so it’s hard. Plus I am my own worst critic and am aware of the amount of practice it will take to make something I am happy with!

  2. I continue to put one foot in front of the other, working diligently and happily toward my goals, but I’ll take some of that fairy dust any time Ameena:) That Peter Pan post will remain one of my faves. I printed it out and pasted it in my “Book of Smiles”. Cheers! Kaarina

  3. Hi Ameena! I was toying with the idea of doing some videos for my Terra Cotta Pendant site and I knew it was a lot of work but 10,000 hours!?!??!
    I’ll have to wait until I have a lot more time in my schedule than I do now to explore this option!
    Thanks for this Ameena!

    • Hi Lori,

      To master something it takes A LOT of time. Just think how many hours you put into learning to read or walk!
      However, I do think you can start now and be realistic about the return – you never know, you could be discovered and reach your goal in a much shorter period of time!

  4. Hey Ameena, terrific post. It is incredible when you look at Youtube by the numbers!

    As for getting good and getting content found. I just finished reading Crush It by Gary Vaynerchuck of Youtube and Wine Library TV fame. Excellent book! Gary talks about crushing it with your passion. If you work 9-5, then work the next 8-10 hours on your passion. It’s not really work because its your passion, the two intertwine.

    I recently started video blogging, and while it was a lot of fun, It was much more work than just hitting record!


  5. Hi Ameena,

    Very interesting post. I find myself using YouTube every single day. I’m not looking for the next Justin Bieber, but I’ve discovered so many interesting things related to marketing and traveling, and recipes (I’m a vegetarian). It’s so much easier to learn from watching a video.

    I have thought a lot about YouTube lately, not about being famous though, but that I should be creating videos. Videos are the future, no doubt about it. But for me, it’s not about how many I’m reaching, but who. I believe in strong relationships, instead of doing my best to reach millions with my thoughts and ideas.

    So, when I create videos and upload them, it’s not about being famous at all. It’s actually the opposite, I do it because I want to share my ideas with a few people (and usually I have the specific people in mind when I create the content).


    • Hey Jens, yes, I love YouTube – now when I have no time to read I watch videos. I am an eye learner (and dyslexic) so reading masses of text makes me dizzy after a while.

      I agree that videos are the future … I want to start vlogging but am nervous and want to make sure I create a product that is of value – sometimes I’m a bit hard on myself.

      • Do you know what, I am absolutely 100% certain that your videos are going to be a massive success. But what you should do, is start out with a short video just saying hi, and describe what you want to be doing with your videos. It would be awesome to see you on video. I believe video takes blogging to another step and it becomes even more personal.

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