How do I find my voice online?

find your voice online - Ameena FalchettoFinding your voice online is a really daunting process for most solopreneurs.

We all possess unique talents and gifts which we want to share with the world.

If you are online because you want to grow your business you need to make sure your voice is heard.

Many tell me that they know they’d shine if they could just speak to their potential clients face to face but fall short in trying to use that voice online.

Now, if you are wanting to blog for your business then this is for you!

Finding your voice online is quite a long process but it doesn’t have to be a painful one.

Here are some tips on how to find your voice online.

1. Get absolutely clear on WHY you are online.

  • What is your online goal? Do you want to attract clients? Or have fun?
  • What do you offer? Are your products and/or services clear in YOUR mind?
  • Who do you serve? Do you have person in mind who would be your ideal client?
  • Are you providing a solution or serving a delight? In other words, do you want to blog for dough, or for show?

2. Get clear on who YOU are!

  • What do you stand for? Write a mini manifesto about what you and your business represents.
  • Look in the mirror. Are you being true to yourself when it comes to communicating what you do? Are you different with your clients than you are with your friends and family?
  • Bridge the gap between the professional and personal YOU. I’m not saying be uber revelatory but look at the way you can infuse the real you in to your business (I am the same on and offline)
  • If any of your products and/or services make you feel blah ditch them, or tweak them.

Once you’ve done these 2 steps you can go on to the next steps.

3. Enjoy social media

  • Yes, enjoy it. There are no rules as to which social media channel you should be on.
  • Explore at your leisure. But don’t spend hours on it.
  • Butt into conversations if that’s your style.
  • Chat and LISTEN.
  • Review the way you interact with others. Are you using your voice? You probably are.

4. How to find your voice on your blog/website

  • Be clear that your site is YOURS. This is your home, your shop, your baby. Write what you want.
  • It’s your site, your rules. If someone doesn’t like it I can assure you there will be 10 others who will love it.
  • Don’t think of the masses in mind when you write. Keep one person in mind when you write, write to them.
  • Write like no one is ever going to read what you’ve written. It’s like singing in the shower, you feel like a rock star because no one is watching, the minute you have an audience you’d probably go silent. Write like that!
  • Use the words and examples you’d use in real life. If you use slang then use it.
  • Write for you. Write informative, actionable information to attract clients.

Remember, finding your voice online is critical. 

You have seconds to make a lasting impression.

Think about these important questions you should always keep in the back of your mind:

  1. How can I dazzle you?
  2. How can I keep you forever?

The way to achieve this is all in the steps above.

What are the benefits to finding your voice online?

  • You qualify your clients before they even contact you because they know what to expect.
  • You set yourself apart from any competition you think you may have.
  • Relationships are stronger because they get a real sense that they know who you are.

If you need help finding your voice online get in touch.

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16 Responses to How do I find my voice online?

  1. HI Ameena, LOVED this. Some serious gold here: ditch or tweak, write to one person, bridge that gap.

    You are speaking permission here. And, giving myself permission is what it takes–have to do it on a daily basis–to be authentically me.

    Thanks for being an inspiration! Passing it on!


    • Thanks Robin … you went through this process and you know how hard it can!

      And yes, you are so right, it’s about permission. Embrace who you are, don’t fight it!

  2. Ameena Love your work woman. You Rock!

    You know I wonder if this is why I always failed English at school…I could never fit in the box of writing conventions they expected me too….obviously the beginnings of the disobedient nature 😉

    Agree 100% Write it like you mean it. Write it like you say it. Follow your own rules.

    I feel like we’re related, maybe we’ve shared a past live together 🙂

    • Ha! We’d have had a blast in class together! I was always been called in for not answering my english homework correctly – except I had, it’s just not how they wanted me to.

      I know we agree on following our own rules .. and yes … I think we might have shared a past life together – maybe we should ask Robin!

      Loving the mutual admiration here Jackie – you ROCK!

  3. This is a great read. Definitely helpful for me and my pursuits. Gives me a bit of a mind map if you will in organizing the direction I want to go.

    I’m using it right now to evaluate what I am doing 😉

  4. Ameena, I love that you lead in with asking WHY we’re doing any of this. It’s so simple, but so often overlooked. Hugely powerful personal insight.

    There’s so much pressure to launch a business and scale to multi-national conglomerate levels, but it’s really no longer necessary.

    A little perspective: If there’s 7 billion people in the world and each of us is one in a million, that means there’s at least 7,000 people in the world just like us. By being ourselves online – the definition of authenticity, imo – we attract those 7,000 people. And what does my business look like with just HALF those people as a repeat customers?

    Be excellent to each other.

    • Hey Brian,

      You have to start with WHY!

      Love your insight and stats .. that is some awesomeness right there! I think I’d die is I had 3,500 people ask me for something at the same time … but on the other side … Bring it on!

      Thanks so much for coming over to the pink side 🙂

  5. Wow! Ameena, this one is fabulous! I know, I’m late reading it, but hey, between the aches and pains of life and aging and work with kiddos not to mention a whip-snapping coach, I’m a little behind! LOL

    This is very clear, easy to follow, step to step (and you know how I like the little words and direct instructions!)…

    I know, figuring out my “voice” wasn’t as easy as it sounds, knowing the answer (at least at that moment)to each of the steps, really helps things move forward.

    I am me, here, there, everywhere! My learning curve was and still is the narrowing of focus. Our business IS fun, adventures and living… but it is also easy to stretch out here online and get off the track you are running.

    Thanks for such a cool check list.

  6. getting clear on they WHY is huge.. besides helping with finding your voice, it helps big time with consistency in your message.

    I also like the ‘enjoy social media’ point.. i’ve learned to keep it more social, make friends, build relationships, etc.

  7. OK i think this might be one of the most motivational pieces you have written on your blog so far. I LOVE THIS AMEEENA!!!!! And i am sooo gonna try your experiment that you sent out in the email. AMEENA FALCHETTO ROCKS THE HOUSE!!! Thank you for doing what you do 🙂

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