How to blog for business

A blog is a great opportunity to get more eyes on your delicious offerings which in turn, if done correctly will convert into the crazy cash you deserve.

The first thing to address is what your goal is and be absolutely clear. When you blog for business it might not be as much fun as when you blog for fun. That’s why it’s called work, and not play.

Blogging for business is more of a mindset tweak than tricks and tactics. Once you have the right outlook you’ll start to see the return.

DO you blog for dough and not for show? (Get clear)

Before you try to get your business online, get clear about what you really want to achieve.

Is crazy cash your goal?

Then sing it loud and proud that you blog for business and not to share your latest soup recipe (unless you’re a cook 🙂

How to find time to market your business (Time management)

As entrepreneurs we wear a lot of different hats and juggle a multitude of tasks.

More often than not we get caught up working IN our business and neglect the important side which is working ON it.

I will show you how to stop getting overwhelmed by all this online craziness!

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Why you need a business before you blog (Business smarts)

The basis of online success is…offline.

Before you get started online make sure you have a viable, clear and profitable business.

Find out how to revamp your business before you step online!

Business is business regardless of where it’s conducted  (Online business)

Just because you are online doesn’t mean you should re-write the business rules. Your business smarts and experiences are valuable, this shows you how to translate your off-line experience into a winning blog.

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