Are you neglecting an important audience?

Could you be neglecting an important audience when it comes to promoting your business?

important audience ameena falchettoI know many entrepreneurs try hard to create a strong social media presence, attempting to develop a presence on every social media channel. They seek out new people to forge everlasting relationships with. Often they successfully create a parallel life to their real one.

Thing is, in doing this they often neglect a really important audience; A network you have spent months, years, or even a lifetime cultivating and nurturing.

I’m talking about friends, family, and all those people you meet on a daily basis.

To help illustrate this I want to introduce you to FRANK.

FRANK is going to help you remember that everyday you need to be hustlin’ and promoting your business to one of the most important audiences you’re already giving love to.

neglecting an important audience

Friends – Do your friends know what you do?

I know a lot of people being afraid to promote their business on their facebook profile for fear of “annoying” their friends.

If you can’t tell your friends about what you do then are they really friends?

You’ve spent a long time nurturing your friendships – make sure they know what you do. Chances are they’ll know someone, who knows someone who needs your services.

Relatives – Sometimes it’s tough explaining to family members what your business does. I know I had an bit of a challenge explaining to some that I work online with clients who I’ve never met in real life, and yes, they pay me.

BUT! Once it was explained to family members they became the perfect walking billboards spreading my message to their networks.

Very often you have to talk about your business in it’s simplest terms when speaking to family  which is an invaluable exercise in itself.

Acquaintances – I always say you that when you have your own business you need to be hustlin’ everyday. That means telling everyone what you do. Everyone.

You don’t have to take a small soap box around with you to give your elevator speech to everyone you meet but you can easily drop it  into conversation something you are working on, launching, or planning.

Letting your acquaintances know what you do helps keep you top of mind.

Neighbours (and Colleagues) – Neighbours are extremely important if you have a location dependent business. Let them know what you do, they may even offer to help promote any events you may have and spread the word for you.

If your business is currently a side hustle you may want to consider telling your colleagues about what you do – after all you spend a LOT of hours with them and their network is just as valuable as any! (Just be careful you don’t overdo it)

Kids – if you have kids or step-kids you need to tell them what you do. Obviously you need to exercise common sense. I am not teaching my almost 2 year old to say “Marketing Consultant” just yet.

Older children understand that I illustrate for my business and ask me to draw things for them to colour. A client of mine makes beautiful jewelry and older girls love her necklaces and tell their friends about them. If you are in the food industry let your kids, and their friends sample your delights.

So, are you neglecting these important audiences?

Remember FRANK the next time you are out and about.

Tell the world what you do. Shout it LOUD, and shout it PROUD.

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14 Responses to Are you neglecting an important audience?

  1. FRANK is where we all start. Honestly if the FRANKs of your world don’t know what you do for a living, there is no way you can expect complete strangers to understand and buy from you.

    Most business owners I know seem reluctant to share their business/life with their FRANKs, it’s really a big loss.
    Your FRANKs are your biggest fans, they already love you and will help you spread the word.

  2. Hi Ameena,

    I had no idea where you were going with FRANK, simply brilliant 🙂

    The hardest part for me has been my relatives. They doesn’t seem to understand what I’m doing, even though I’ve tried to explain it many many times. Some do get it, but my parents, aunts and uncles still don’t. On the other hand, I think that’s ok. They won’t bring any business after all. They know people, but not people who would do business with me 🙂

    • Thanks Jens, you can’t assume that your parents and older relatives don’t know someone who would do business with you …!!! What about their kids? Keep talking about what you do!

  3. Hell yeah girl because my family and friends gives a “frank” about me too! I loved the analogy! I can say that I have felt that way from time to time and for a while, kept it a secret thinking that I would get on their nerves.

    Eventually I realized it was quite the opposite and now some look to me for advice about this and that. I think in some ways we do mention it, but not like we do on social media outlets.

    I need to rethink other methods now and really start promoting in my own backyard because there are tons of small businesses here that might see a benefit from it and maybe they will give a “Frank” about me too.

    I loved this Ameena.

    • Thanks Sonia! Glad you have seen the benefits of FRANK 🙂 It really is important, just watch out you don’t end up working for free with at all advice you are being asked for! 🙂

  4. Hey Ameena,

    My 12-year-old son is really into this blogging thing. Believe it or not, he asks me about my posts all the time and I will include him in a video sometime in the future. (He’s way beyond me in the video editing department;)) Future employee.

    My wife is my biggest advocate and she spreads the word all the time. A few people at soccer games have mentioned my posts too. In the past I would have been waaaaay embarrassed about it, but not now. I figure what the heck. Spread the word, right?

    I also mentioned my blog when I spoke at a chamber event, but got nothing but vacant stares, so I do need to work on my “professional” blogging pitch.

    My mom? 🙂 Sorry, she still doesn’t get it … 😉

    Thanks and I’ll be working on the FRANKS.

    • Hey Craig! That’s great that you are already experiencing the benefits of FRANK 🙂

      Everyday you need to be hustlin’, or at least promoting!

      Keep working on your mom! If she gets it you’ll have perfected your elevator pitch!

  5. Hi Ameena,
    This subject came up in discussions with your other half, John, when we were debating which was best for Facebook – using your profile or setting up a business page.

    To be honest, I took a bit of convincing (ask John!) but I am now totally convinced that the route to go is to use your profile – for the very reasons you outline in your article about FRANK.

    Also, this allows prospective clients to get a real feel for you as a person, and as I am in the “people” business, then this is really important.

    Thanks for this!

  6. Awesome post, Ameena.

    I don’t really promote my blog to any of these groups, but I can still see where you are going. I have had experiences in which I told my friends about blogging, and they were just astonished that I had a blog, and I was doing blogging. They were also bit confused about my niche – blogging about blogging 😀

    You are right. The people we know personally; they can help us to promote our businesses, big time.

    Thank you for the wonderful post,


    • Thanks Jeevan, your comment made me laugh – I can only imagine what non-blogging peeps think when you say you blog about blogging! But keep telling them, they’ll get it eventually!!

  7. Hi Ameena,

    I love your site and your “tude.” You’re so real and down to earth while being so much fun too. I’m doing a training for some of the wellness professionals I serve and I’m including a link to this page. I think FRANK is a great guy and now that you’ve introduced him to me, I’m going to introduce him to others with credit to you. Thanks for being a light on the path.

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