Want to make more Money?

Did you know that most people actually go about pricing their delicious offerings the wrong way?

Pricing is a crucial part of your business but slapping a price on something doesn’t mean it’s going to sell.

Here are some delicious tips and advice to help you make that crazy cash you deserve.

What you’re probably doing wrong(The freebie trap)

Are you giving things away for free? Do you offer “free consultations” or free products in exchange for an email address? Free does have a place in business but rethink how you define free by checking out this article

How much should you charge? (How to know your worth)

Before we even start on pricing and all that numbers stuff it’s critical that know that you are amazing are offering something delicious. Read this inspirational story about Picasso, a napkin and crazy cash.

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Now, it’s time to get into the pricing stuff!

These handy resources will help you get clear on how much to charge and why.

TOP TIP! How to budget and forecast for your business

The chicken and the egg scenario – what comes first? The forecast or the budget? It’s actually neither.

In order to know what you are going to charge you need to look at how much money you need to make. If you have a gorgeous service that sells nonstop at a lower price you could be super busy but still not making the crazy cash you need to survive.

Open up an excel file and follow the steps outlined here on how to budget and forecast for your business (and you don’t have to be a maths whizz to do this)


Testing time! Want to know if your prices are right?

Find your pricing sweet spot by putting your prices to the test in this article. Remember, there is always a market out there for any price point – it’s just how you present it!