Marketing for Healers

Do you think healers need marketing?

Marketing for healersYes, they do, healing is a business, and a lucrative one. Healers are usually solopreneurs with a real clarity of their offering and values. The challenge is getting out there and marketing themselves.

Here is a little case study on some work I’ve been doing with Robin Hallett, an intuitive healer in the US.

And no, there are no fairies or crystal balls!

The Background

When Robin first came to me she already had a successful 12 year intuitive healing practice in Arlington Heights, IL. She also had another business making stunning healing jewelry.

She’d created 2 brands; I believe in Healing and RobbieGee Gems. Each brand had their own sites and the jewelry line was rocking on Etsy where her gorgeous gems regularly sold out and she even had celebrities such as Courtney Love buy a few of her pieces (she never thought to ask for a testimonial!!!)

Robin is a business savvy woman with a wonderful range of things to offer.

The main thing she needed help with was getting out there online. She had a few “virtual” clients who she met regularly on Skype but she wanted to concentrate on that more. And before you ask, yes, you can totally be healed via Skype.

This video with Robin is going to take you through some of the work we did together.

 Marketing Challenges for Healers:

  • The duty to care, and not to be salesy over shadows marketing
  • Embracing YOU vs the expectation of you can be problematic
  • Knowing how to make your offerings accessible without using industry jargon

So don’t wait another minute, click play below and find out:

  • How to build a business around who YOU are
  • How to discover your online voice and why it matters
  • Uncover your niche by applying the “Love or Hate” exercise to your client list
  • How to name your products and services to truly reflect who you are
  • Tips on how to stay on track to really embracing who you are and conveying it in your business.
  • (you’ll also learn how awesome Robin is, and me too!)
(Hit play quickly!!! YouTube sure has a sense of humour when it comes to the screen shots!) 

The behind the scenes results

You are probably wondering what else we’ve been doing whilst the new site was being born…

  • New virtual clients before the site even launched
  • Complete overhaul of the newsletter resulting in an average of 75%+ open rate and 25%+ email response from subscribers converting into both on and offline clients
  • Price increases to reflect her true value
  • Repackaging of product and services (work less for more)

Please go to and check out Robin’s new “nest” as we affectionately call it and show her some love.

Do check out her awesome drawings too!

Marketing for Healers

Image credits: Robin Hallett

Date published: 15th May 2012

17 Responses to Marketing for Healers

  1. Hi Ameena,
    Thanks to this post and video and a fun chat with you on Facebook this morning, I understand what it is you do! How exciting is your work! I hope Robin designed a piece for you and I suspect she has!
    I’ve passed the video along to my friend Dana who does similar work with her own healing signatures over here in Canada. If it feels right to her (she’s very intuitive) she’ll get in touch, at the right time.
    P.S. It’s so strange that I was in Robin’s place, not that long ago – promoting my healing work, selling my gemstone pieces and though I still have a small healing practice and LOVE doing it, it’s not the place I’m meant to be.

    • Thank you so much Lori 🙂

      I had no idea you were in the same field – Robin introduced it to me and I have to say I am totally hooked … I totally need some sacred bling now!

      • It started with our Terra Cotta Pendants (diffuser necklaces). People occasionally would ask for bracelets so I thought I’d give it a go!
        I never thought of it as I designed the pieces but when I did design a piece for a gift I would hear stories of how they loved it and how it affected them!
        Get yourself some sacred bling. I’d recommend a chakra piece 😉

        • That’s so cool Lori! Yeah – would definitely be a chakra piece … I like the idea of a totem piece – it’s my birthday in a few months so I have time to mull over it 🙂

  2. Props on the case study snapshot Ameena.

    Just swung by to check out Robins “nest” awesome work, love the look and feel.

    Always gives you a good feeling to see a new baby take its first steps eh 🙂

  3. Ameena,

    Love the case study and nice job putting all this together in a cohesive package!

    Rock Star Readings. Sacred Bling. Love in a Bottle. Love the names and the way they’ve been incorporated into the side bar of Robin’s site.

    Smack to the forehead! … I need to use videos in my case studies 😉

    • Thanks Craig! Robin will be delighted about the feedback on the names and sidebar buttons 🙂

      Happy I inspired you to use videos in your case studies – I’ve not seen many people doing it …

  4. So often it’s the “experts” who think marketing – the never ending education as to why someone should buy from you vs. any other option they’ve got – is beneath them and that the way it should be is they just kick back and be the expert and all the money will flow to them because their service/product is so awesome that it should sell itself.

    99.9% of the time this thinking doesn’t end well for many a gifted and talented people.

    Of course, this is just their excuse for not wanting to work and not wanting to face rejection when asking someone to buy something. And this can make working with clients tough and why it’s so important to help them not just with their marketing and selling strategies but also with any limiting beliefs that cause them to get in their own way.

    So this is very cool to see how Robin took your ideas and ran with them! I imagine this welcomes deeply rewarding feelings inside of you being in the presence of an action taker on a mission to bring love and light to the world. Congratulations on advice well given Ameena!

    • Thanks for your comment! So many people have a unique talent/gift and marketing is a foreign language to them which is where marketers step in – for me, it’s really important to respect my clients wishes which is often to protect their voice and sell without selling – at the end of the day a business HAS to sell but there are ways of doing it without being salesy or sleazy!

      Glad you enjoyed the case study – Robin is a hoot to work with and extremely gifted, and CLEAR when it comes to her area of expertise!

  5. Ameena,
    this was a fantastic testimonial and a great way to showcase the scope of your work..

    I went to Robin’s site and just loved the messaging. and especially loved the names too..
    Rock Star Readings. Sacred Bling. Love in a Bottle

  6. Just wanted to say hi, it’s Robin here. What can I say, working with Ameena has been and continues to be amazing. I am glad to know that you guys appreciate all the work we’ve been doing together! Cheers! Robin

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