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Seven years ago, when I was part of the founding team for Fitness First Middle East I met a bright young woman who joined the company as part of the Personal Training Team in the first Fitness First to open in Dubai.

Angelica Horvatic Marketing for Wellness Coaches DubaiThis bright, young woman is Angelica Horvatic.

Finding clarity

Angelica has a vision, she is taking strides to change the way residents of Dubai look at their overall wellbeing. Her nemeses are quick fixes, faddy diets and fashionable mantras.

Over the last few months I’ve helped her by putting her through some grueling tasks to really find her voice, clarity and a clear direction to take her business to the next level.

Until now she was hiding between two entities: “Dubai Personal Fitness Trainer” and “Be Excellent”.

She led, what appeared to be a dual life.

One as a personal trainer who coached her clients to phenomenal heights.

A second as a life-coach who felt that she had to keep her life as a personal trainer low-key.

We worked together to really get to the essence of WHAT she does, WHO she helps and WHY.


No more business-names, her new site reflects her passion for what she does. Angelica practices what she preaches, and  has a fabulous list of clients who are addicted to the new age of wellness she introduced them to. (And it’s important to note that FUN is key to Angelica’s style and energy!)

Today, Angelica is announcing to the world that she is and sharing her wellness knowledge and wisdom.

The background

Angelica has lived and breathed wellness for over a decade. She trained and worked in London and Dubai as a personal trainer.

In Dubai, as I mentioned, she was part of the Personal Training team in the first Fitness First in the Middle East . A few short years later she stepped out by herself to embrace a whole new world of entrepreneurship and living life on her terms.

Struggling with the confines of being called a Personal Trainer, when her work involved so much more, she created a coaching website to highlight the other techniques she brought to her clients such as traditional coaching methods, hypnotherapy, therapy and of course fitness.

But there was a gap.

Marketing Challenges for Wellness Coaches

  • Being pigeon-holed as either a life-coach OR a personal trainer
  • Lack of understanding as to what “Wellness” and “Wellbeing” really means
  • Pre-conceived ideas that it’s all fluff (sadly, like all industries, there are always the fluffy ones!)
  • Educating their target market to realise that there’s really no quick fix

I decided to ask Angelica 3 questions about our journey together.

Check out this Q & A:

1. Over the last few months we did a lot of different things. What was the most important thing you learnt in this time?

“I learned that it is extremely important to hire an expert for the things you don’t know anything about.,

I also learned how to use my time more effectively doing the things I know how to do and I’m passionate about.  Hiring you as my Marketing Consultant has been the wisest decision I have ever made for my business.
More importantly I learned to listen to my intuition when it comes to pick that someone who will help me with my business, and do my research whilst listening my gut! I have been ” stalking ” you online for so long, and the more I did that, the more I was really convinced that you are the marketing consultant for me and that I needed you for me and my business to excel.

I also learned that it is all about finding your values and your passions, who you truly are and what is your driver in life first and then in business.
As only then you can get answers on what you want to actually do and why. Finding that purpose will just give everything so much more sense and it will make you connect with yourself and your customers so much easily.
When you are 200% sure about who you are and what your business purpose is, you really start to actually attract customers. Dreaming and envisioning can be nice and stimulating but what really works are small steps with actions tied to goals every day.
I also learned to always focus to educate and inspire, thank you! :)”

2. What were your biggest challenges when we first stated working together that we’ve now overcome?

Firstly I was overwhelmed with loads of homework I needed to do for my site. I mean I thought I hired someone to build my site.
It is so funny because I had the same reaction as some of my clients, some hire me to “fix” them and get shocked with how much work they themselves need to invest.
So I realised I am the boss and if i want to have a successful business I have to work on it and everyone else can help out but I am the main component there.
I also realised I  shoud learn to walk before I jumped, for example when I first spoke to Ameena I wanted to do group workshops all around the world while i still hadn’t coached groups. So again do actions first and dream later!
I also had many challenges about putting the right price on myself and my services, I was uncomfortable about it for so long, and now I totally overcame it!”

3. What does the future look like for

“The future is in educating and inspiring Dubai  and the Middle East, breaking all those misconceptions about coaching and teaching people what coaching actually is and how important it is for everyone to work on their goals and on their wellness.
Starting with individuals first and then slowly introducing group wellness mastermind workshops, helping even more people to live life they want!”


The behind the scenes results

You are probably wondering what else we’ve been doing during the construction of the new site.

  • Creating a whole online presence that reflects WHO Angelica is and WHO she helps
  • Unique packages to get real results
  • Developing offline strategies to gain more press attention

Please go to Angelicahorvatic,com and check out angelica’s new site and show her some love.


Date published: 25th March 2013

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8 Responses to Marketing for Wellness Coaches

  1. Wow. Congratulations Angelica! Your site looks amazing and I can definitely see your personality and all around awesomeness come through.

    Wish I’d known about the pre and post natal wellness training. That would certainly have come handy 3 years ago!

    Ameena, it’s so good to see what your clients are achieving with your help and guidance.

    • Firstly THANK YOU Ameena!!! Not just on your hard core work, for your patience, guidance, all my learnings, inspiration, motivation and encouragement when ever I need it!
      And all in very FUN and no – nonsense way, like a mother to her child, think they call it tough love? 🙂
      I knew you are there for me and I still needed to focus and do all my homework on time! Keep up your AWESOME work!! And thank you so much for this wonderful post, I really feel like a super star! ;))

      Samar – thank you so much on your lovely words! 🙂 I am sure running after 3 year old is bringing some wellness in your life 😀

  2. Great post Ameena and awesome site Angelica. I loved her honesty about needing someone to “fix” things for her. We’re all guilty of this and it’s so much more powerful when we have someone guide us and we “fix” it ourselves. Terrific work ladies and thanks so much for sharing your story.

  3. Angelica, your path resonated with me for a lot of reasons and your site looks FANTASTIC! I now need to go back and do some homework!

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