12 tips on how to promote what you have already created! {inspiration included}

Looking to get more sales without having to create a new product or service?

Well, look no further.

 promote what you have already createdPromote what you have already created

You’ve probably spent hours/days/weeks creating and developing your delicious offerings.

But have you promoted it enough?

Chances are you haven’t.

If you’re having a dip in sales you don’t have to race back to the drawing board to create something insanely creative and new.

Here are some ideas to help you promote what you have already created

  1. Use social media to highlight and promote the benefits of your offering
  2. Write a new article which links to your offering (Case Studies are awesome for this)
  3. Design a poster or flyer and distribute it where your target market hangs out offline
  4. Consider a delicious (limited time) promo for your offering
  5. Look at how you can add MORE value to your existing offering (this can be a wording tweak) 
  6. If you have several target markets try tailoring your communication to appeal to each one vs. all of them at the same time
  7. Reach out to your existing networks and ask them to help you promote your offering 
  8. Let your subscribers know that the price is going up and it’s the last chance to get in at this price
  9. Revamp the sales pages with new text and images. Don’t forget the new testimonials
  10. Revisit your sales process. Is it easy for people to buy from you? Do you answer all their questions?
  11. Identify the key seasons when your offering is most needed and promote it then
  12. Be consistent in how you communicate and how often you communicate. Things can take time. 

If you need help coming up with creative ideas to help you promote what you have already created then check out my Spark Sessions!

Your turn: 

What would you add to this list?
Do you feel you’ve promoted your delicious offerings enough?

5 Responses to 12 tips on how to promote what you have already created! {inspiration included}

  1. Ameena, I love this list of ideas! You’re creative as always. I love especially the consistency part. It’s super important. I’ve recently discovered that YouTube ranks you better if you post videos consistently. Isn’t that wild? I would have never thought of that!

    Beyond that random thing… scheduling tweets or shares can be an easy way to automatically continue to promote what you’ve created.

    I’ve also found that engaging with others can be very helpful. This way you can learn what benefits people appreciate most in your offering.

    Thanks for sharing this list, Ameena!

  2. This was timely, Ameena. Thank you.

    Looking back at the last six months… Wow. It’s been six months.

    Looking back at the last six months, the weekly publishing schedule I’d generally adhered to since 2009 has sort of gone out the window. The plus side is, I’ve now got a pretty slick little magazine going out on a fairly tight deadline each month. It’s just that it takes so much effort to produce the new product, the marketing piece has slipped through the cracks here or there. #12 spoke to me in this regard.

    Fortunately, after the very first issue, a mentor in the UK suggested I tap into the hundreds of previously published pieces on the website to beef up the value in new issues of the magazine. We went from 22 to 32 to nearly 80 pages inside of three months. Very excited! These are, for all intents and purposes, re-runs, but it gives me a chance to cherry pick the best of the best and add a little more polish. 🙂

    And, finally, I offered annual subscriptions for FREE for the first three months. Unfortunately, the pay wall I selected never worked right, and it was another three months before I finally just went with Paypal, but the price is now US$15/yr, going up to $24 next year, and $36 the year after. Every issue is better than the last. The best is yet to come.

    The best is yet to come.

    Say hi to Drone Master John for me. Enjoying the recent pictures of BiP, too. Gets me excited about where my little Penny will be in a year’s time.


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