Should I publish my prices online?

publish your prices online

I am often asked the question “Should I publish my prices online?”

My response is always the same.


I know many are hesitant to publish their prices online.

The fact is online shouldn’t be different to offline.

When was the last time you went into a shop and didn’t see the prices displayed?

I know you might be thinking “Argh! I can’t publish my prices!”

Here are objections to publishing prices and solutions.

1. “If I publish my prices my competition will know what I charge”

Firstly, forget your competition.

If this is a real concern then you have an issue because you are competing on price, not value.

Change the word competition to target market and then you have a scary phrase – in order to make sure your potential clients know what you charge then your competition needs to know too.

2. “I can’t publish my prices because it depends …”

If your pricing depends on the scale, size, and duration of a project you can still publish your prices.

In the case of it depends you can put a few words before the price “Prices start at XYZ”

If you are pulling prices out of your *ss depending on the client then you need to rethink your business model.

3. “I used to publish my prices but then I got less enquiries”

If you don’t publish your prices you may get more enquiries.

That is natural.

You will then be replying to emails from people who might not be able to afford you.

These emails take up a lot of time.

Time you could be using to be doing something else.

Publishing your prices means you can qualify your leads before they even contact you.

To round up the issue of publishing your prices

  • If you are not publishing your prices your target market will probably think you are too expensive.
  • “Prices available on request” usually means it’s going to be cripplingly expensive.
  • If your prices depend then say what they START at.
  • By publishing your prices you qualify your leads before they start contacting you.

If you need help with your pricing get in touch.

It’s something I am incredibly passionate about.


26 Responses to Should I publish my prices online?

  1. I am a firm believer in up front pricing. I was helping a dance instructor with his online marketing, and he was hesitant of putting his costs out there. He was afraid people would think he was too expensive. I asked if he’d rather break the pricing himself on the phone and hear their shock, or let them realize on their own that it’s not a fit. He then got it and put the pricing information up on his site.

    • Fantastic advice Tammy! You are so right – I prefer to NOT have a discussion about pricing. As passionate about the subject I am, I just don’t like the surprise when I say it’s X amount. It’s so much better just to have it clearly listed so you can talk about the value you are going to bring to the customer versus how much it’s gonna cost!

  2. I used to worry about listing my session fee, and so I didn’t. Then I made the connection: Worry on my part creates distrust or suspicion in potential clients… not to mention, I attracted more people who could not afford my services than could. Today, I am clear that I provide excellent service for an excellent fee. My prices are out there for you to see, and it makes life easy for me. I appreciated the information about how to handle it when you have a range of fees- or an “it depends” kind of service. Clearly naming it, or at least giving a ballpark figure sounds like the perfect thing. Thank you Ameena, it’s great you are here as a resource for me! Robin

    • WOW Robin! That’s such a great way of putting it. Yes, you are right – there is that element of suspicion if they aren’t clearly stated! Thanks for your support 🙂

  3. I put my prices clearly on my pricing page. It’s been fantastic for pre-qualifying potential customer. I’ve reduced the tire kicker count to near zero.

    Highly recommended.

    • Thanks for sharing Robert – I remember when I first started out I didn’t have my prices published and I’d get emails from people who couldn’t pay – it was so frustrating!
      Personally I hate pricing discussions so I just publish them and that is that. I want to talk about what we’re going to do together, not chat up pricing!

  4. “Firstly, forget your competition.”
    Love that statement, Ameena.
    Usually the only competition we have is the person starring back at us in the mirror.
    In our building Blogs we always leave a “good” approximate, because the options are so vast..

    “As pictured, approx. $60,000″, depending on your choice of options…”

  5. This post is right on the money (literally)!

    Posting your prices online is a huge pre-qualifier. You are so perfectly, logical Ameena – Justin Brackett and I often talk about pricing and business, and your name comes up a lot. 🙂 You are definitely my go-to person on this topic!!

  6. Ameena

    I hate it when I go to a site and can’t find any reference to pricing…it drives me nuts.

    People want to know what they’re up against and it eliminates time wasters.

    Even if you have individually tailored packages, its easy enough to list a starting price or a price range.

    • Exactly Jackie!

      The amount of resistance to this is pretty amazing.

      I wonder if it’s a result of some social media “gurus” saying that you should hide the fact you are for sale because you need to work on community and relationships ..?

      • and funny how some of those same gurus spend very little time on community and relationships themselves.

        I’m in your camp Ameena…pay attention to those that walk the talk.

  7. Yes, great insights!! I especially liked your comment re competition and how you are then competing on price, not value. How true!
    Thank you,

  8. I anticipated a great post and a lively discussion in the comment gallery, Ameena …
    And that’s just what I got! 🙂

    The part I love the most is about comparing an online business with one that’s brick and mortar in regards to clearly displaying pricing. If I walked into a bagel shop and had no clue what it would cost me to purchase my bagel of choice …
    I’d simply walk out of the shop. They wouldn’t get my business.

    Let me sum up my take on this topic by saying …
    I DON’T LIKE SURPRISES (only good ones!). LOL

  9. Ameena,
    This is spot on advice. I’ve actually never hired anyone who hasn’t published their prices publicly. I hate it when i go to the hire me page and then i see “click here to find out more” instead of their price or at least a range of prices..

    • Hi Annie, I do tell people, especially solopreneurs, to think about their own consumer behaviour when it comes to business and marketing. Chances are, if you need to see someones prices displayed then so do your customers! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Wow, what a great discussion! I started to comment on the original post and wanted to read the comments first and I am so encouraged to find so many like-minded people. I hate when prices are not clear or when someone insists on a consultation before giving you price. If it’s more than I want to spend, why waste my time or the other person’s time with a consultation? I love Ameena’s point about pre-qualifying people before you talk to them. They know the price and you can spend time talking about how you can work together.

    • Exactly Michele! Rather than waste time talking about the price you can talk about the solutions you can provide! Glad you found this useful – and yes, the comments have been awesome!

  11. Alright, I’ll publish my fees. A business coach suggested that I shouldn’t publish my rates. You made an excellent point regarding shopping and prices aren’t displayed. You know the old saying, “if you gotta ask the price, you can’t afford it.” I definitely don’t want to give this impression. Great article!

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