5 tips to make your blog more accessible

make your blog more accessible.jpgWe should all agree that making your blog more accessible is incredibly important.

Sunday evenings are set aside for me to catch up up my reading. Every week I find myself frustrated that so many bloggers have great content but are selling themselves short.


Here are 5 simple tips on how to make your blog more accessible:  

1. Get mobile supported browsing!

I spend a lot of my online time on my phone, I also read blogs on my phone. Nothing annoys me more than when I see an interesting tweet with a link and I find that the site doesn’t have mobile supported browsing. I close the window and never return. I am certain I’m not the only one.

With the FREE WP Touch plugin your readers can quickly access your blog without the bother of loading the full site. What’s stopping you?

2. Stop hiding your sharing buttons

When I read something awesome I want to share. I really do. Don’t make me hunt for your tweet buttons. Please.

3. Configure your share buttons correctly

Great. I found the tweet button. But what happens when I click it? I get the title of the post and the link, GREAT but who is @wordpressdotcom? That’s not you!

Twitter sharing settings

If I am in a good mood I’ll trail through your site and find your twitter handle, after all, as much as I want to share I want YOU to know that I’m sharing. Check your settings!

4. Ensure your commenting system is EASY!

We all like comments right? If you don’t then just close them (that’s in settings too by the way!) My pet gripe are Blogger comments which require you to have a Blogger account to comment, throw is some Captcha and well, I’m off. Never to return.

I know commenting isn’t for everyone but for those who like to share make it easy. I recently removed Livefyre from my sites because it was making it too hard for readers to comment. It made me realise that the simpler the system the more accessible it is for your readers to join in.

What do you need? As long as the fields name and website are included you really don’t need any more. Honestly.

5. Skip the scary pop ups

I freak when something pops up on my screen. It makes me close the window. I agree than they must work for some but personally I never read them and it get’s the relationship off to a bad start.

So there it is – what would you add to this list?

22 Responses to 5 tips to make your blog more accessible

  1. Fantastic list of tips Ameena, very practical too!

    I hate pop-ups, and I quickly learned about reconfiguring tweets of my posts. However I’m unsure that my site has mobile-supported browsing. It’s a great point to make Ameena, certainly made me realise the potential to lose possible readers.

    I’m assuming that my blog has MSB if you can get to it fine? 🙂

  2. Thanks Stuart – no your site doesn’t have MSB – I just loaded it from my phone and it’s the full site but it loads fast. The only issue is that because its the full page the font is tiny so I have to zoom and then miss other stuff.

    Check out the plugin!

  3. Music, that blares out when I have many tabs open. Has taught me to hit the mute button. Sometimes I leave a comment about the NOISE, mostly I abandon that blog for the future. Diana of EE

  4. Great tips Ameena. I “think” I have mobile supported browsing, but like Stu, I’m not sure. And I must add the “share and enjoy” buttons that you have. Lots of tweaking yet to be done on my site, so I appreciate this:)

    I, too, hate being punched in the face with pop-ups or blaring music. I was once on a site that, no matter what page you went to, the same video with audio would start playing…the identical thing..over and over. Yuk!

    Appreciate this Ameena. And if you find I’m not “mobile supported browsing”, I’d sure love to know. Thanks! Kaarina

    • Thanks Kaarina,

      Yes, you have WP touch and it works great!

      I do love sharing posts so making it as easy as possible makes for a much more enjoyable experience for sure! (Never had an issue being able to share your content though!)

      Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Thanks for this Ameena. Jk Allen did my site. (Awesome job) I am still trying to learn. I will check with him and add what I should. If you have any more suggestions, please advise. Really appreciate you and John. All you do to help others and your continued support. Much appreciated.


  6. Hey Ameena,
    How do I check my own blog? I have no idea what I’m looking for. I could ask my mom who reads it, but that would be the blind leading the blind type of thing! I leave blogs quickly when things get too difficult, too. That’s the last thing I want to have happen at my place.
    My self-hosted WP site is okay I think. Blogger has a terrible commenting system. WordPress.com? I don’t know if I have any problems.
    Great advice. Thanks!

    • Hey Betsy – you never know, your mum might have great feedback!!! Sometimes those who aren’t really online or who do something totally different can provide a very interesting insight!

  7. Really useful tips Ameena! I am so with you on the difficult commenting–and it’s not just blogger that does this, but yeah, mostly blogger. I do not want to have to jump through hoops in order to just leave a comment.

  8. Lately the two plugins I have installed on my blog to share on Twitter are messing with me. They’re popular plugins, I really don’t understand why suddenly @CCAnsbjerg is missing when it shouldn’t.

    Oh, and it was great that you ditched Livefyre.

    • I did notice that – I had an issue with DiggDigg messing up a bunch of my sharing functions. Sometimes they conflict with each other.

      Thanks for the feedback re: livefyre – I’ve not looked back!

  9. Hi Ameena,

    I ma new to your site. I am impressed by the short and sharp post you have here. You are also very focused on the theme of making blogs accessible to mobile devices.

    I hope to implement those tips that I have yet to implement on my site. Could you care to swing by and check it out and give me some advice?

    I just started blogging about 2 months ago. Am still learning and improving.

  10. I read through the post mentally checking off what I’d done/needed to do for my own blog haha.

    I’ve been looking into a mobile version of my site and was recommended Mobstac as one to have a look at.

  11. Just building my site now, and this was GREAT! Made me check my “user experience” and realized the SexyBookmark plug in I have to share my posts makes it kind of hard for people to share! Too many steps. I will need to change – any recommendations for easier share plug in? Great tip on changing the @yournamehere… would not have thought of that either!!

    • Great that this helped! For a share plugin I used to use Digg Digg and now I use “Twitter Facebook Social Share” it’s a bit more stable, and more attractive in my opinion, than Digg!

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