Welcome to my new site

Woo hoo! Welcome to my new digital home!
Finally Ameena Gorton dot com is here!

I say finally because it’s been long overdue. I debated whether I should have a website or not? Business was going well with referrals but there were those emails from gorgeous people on the internet asking where my site was, or where an article was, my heart sank – my articles helped people and here I was keeping it all hidden away.

So, what was going on? Long story short, I was waiting, waiting for the perfect haircut, to have less on my plate, to have more, for everything to be perfect….

WHOA! Perfect?

As someone who preaches that 80% is an A – I was certainly not following my own advice.

Then I remembered that waiting for perfection will keep you waiting for the rest of your life.

Getting to work

I made a simple list of things I needed to do to get my site back online – it was embarrassingly short, but it was all the tough stuff no one enjoys doing, like about pages!

It was all there, kinda, but I wanted new photos and some new copy – I also had to reinstall everything after Ali, the Iranian hacker, played havoc with the site earlier this year… what had I been stressing over? But then I remember that I had the same stress in 2012 when I upgraded my site!

But it’s all here – perfectly imperfect – I’ve repackaged my services and added a few new things too!

Take a look around and let me know what you think …

More soon,


PS: Little shout out to the talented Joanna Maclennan who is the genius behind my photos!

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