What can Entrepreneurs Learn from their Dreams?

what can learn from our dreamsWe are often told to stop dreaming and start doing.

The thing is, quite often, dreams are where ideas are born.

We dream in pictures, a series of incoherant scenes, a crazy narrative that sometimes leaves us wondering if it’s that late night cheese feast talking.

In reality, our minds operate in the same way – particularly the minds of entrepreneurs. Ideas, dreams, thoughts (whatever you want to call them) constantly race around our minds.

Many of these ideas appear to be nonsensical, incoherant, or just crazy.

Listen to these dreams – write them down, even better, draw them. Once they’ve been documented go back and see if you can tie any of the elements together. You may surprise yourself.

If you don’t know where to start I have something special coming your way …

The response to my last video What is Brand Identity Visualisation was great – many asked if there was going to be a “Do it Yourself” version and the answer is YES!

So, what have your learned from your dreams?


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  1. Nice drawing!

    Dreams… I have always had lots of dreams and find what you say about writing (or drawing) them very interesting. I will definitely be trying this as it would be fantastic if I could make head or tail of my dreams now.

    I used to have very vivid dreams that I would accomplish something difficult (in sport) and then when I tried when I was awake it was often that I did accomplish it. I also had dreams that I could fly, however I wasn’t quite so lucky with that.

    Tell us Ameena, what do your dreams tell you?

    I’ve signed up for your DIY version, I’m sure it won’t be anywhere near as good as if you did it for me, but it will be interesting to try!

    • Thanks Sharon – that’s amazing that you say that your dreams became a reality (minus the flying – I always wanted to be able to fly too!)

      What do my dreams tell me? It depends! I do actually jot them down and try to interpret them – I have a lot of fun doing that.

      Can’t wait to hear your feedback on the DIY BIV book 🙂

  2. Our thoughts create our reality, whether they be ideas, dreams or daydreams…all of which lay the foundation for taking the action to accomplish them.

    Bravo on your new Brand Identity Visualisation: I wish you all the best with it! Cheers! Kaarina

  3. Hi Ameena,
    I am one of those people who can never remember the dreams I had whilst sleeping, but I do tend to daydream sometimes, and I often get ideas then.

    I do think I ought to write my thoughts down, but then forget.

    As my old school report says, I must try harder,


  4. Some of my beions to problems came to me in dreams. I once struggled with an excel pivot table problem and solved it from a dream. I always keep pen and paper next to my nightstand.

  5. Hi Ameena,

    I love your drawings.

    I don’t dream much, or I don’t remember if I have been dreaming. It’s almost impossible to wake me up while I’m sleeping, and when I finally do wake up, I’m wide awake, no matter what time it is. So, usually I just get out of bed and start doing something. I don’t look at the time.

    When I dream I usually add a few sentences in a journal in order to remember. I don’t dream much about things related to work, but things can be used for my novel.

    By the way, do I need to sign up again to get the free stuff?

    • Hi Jens,

      Thanks 🙂 You don’t have to be asleep to dream … the fact that you dream about your novel is great! Isn’t that like work anyway? It’s where your passion lies so it’s normal to dream about it!

      You’re on the list! Fear not!

      • That’s the thing about being Norwegian, and not having English as my first language. I wasn’t thinking of dreaming when it comes to what you do when you’re awake… but in that sense of the word, I dream a lot. And when it comes to work, I absolutely agree, writing a novel is like work (and that’s the type of work I want to be doing). I don’t have a passion for all the work I do, but that’s going to change in 2012.

  6. Very cool Ameena! I love your artwork, by the way! I never thought of myself as an entrepreneur until a couple of years ago and even then, not really until the last year. I decided to take some of those dreams and put them into action for the first time. Amazing how many more dreams THAT leads to! 🙂

    • Thanks Bryan 🙂

      Funny you should say that – I’ve been an entrepreneur for 5 years but never really called myself that until recently!

      Yes, dreams lead to more dreams especially when they start coming true! Keep it up!

      Here’s to dreaming and inspiration!

  7. I don’t usually remember my dreams, but that’s probably a good thing. My thoughts during the day are chaotic enough. I’m “borrowing” a tip from Michael Schechter and mind mapping most of those thoughts.

    I love that you’re authoring a book! I also like the drawing that accompanies this post, too.

  8. Love the drawing Ameena!

    I love to dream usually! Amazing how real they can feel. I dreamed about my father after he died. He so real as if he was right there. So comforting and just what I needed to heal. Don’t have the bad ones too often but they can scare the heck out of me.

    I am like Annie, the answers can occasionally come to me in a dream. Will have to start putting a pen and paper back at my bedside.

    Happy Dreaming!

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