What should you call your product (or services)?

Once you’ve tackled giving your business an amazing, fitting, name you’ll probably be wondering what you should call your products or (services)?

“You want to call it WHAT?”

I know this is a common challenge for most entrepreneurs and the solution is often to keep it simple.

As usual, grab a pen and paper for this exercise 🙂

Clarifying your delicious offerings

  • What does your product/service do?
  • What are the main benefits of your offerings?
  • If it’s a product, what is is made of and what solution does it provide?
  • If it’s a service, what does it promise to deliver?

Be clear on who you are appealing to

  • Who is your target market?
  • What is your niche?
  • How do your potential clients talk? Formal vs. Informal

Local vs. International reach

  • Does the name travel well?
  • Does it have a different meaning in an international market?

For example, Mitsubishi changed the name of their Mitsubishi Pajero to the Mitsubishi Montero for Spanish speaking markets because “Pajero” is apparently slang for “wanker” in Spanish.

On the flip side, a seemingly unsavory name could work in your favour.

A Thai lady named her cookbook “Cooking with Poo” – her nickname is Poo in Thailand. A poor choice of name you say? This book actually won an award for the oddest book title in 2012 and led an expanded product line including an apron saying “I cooked with Poo and I liked it”

But before you run out and try to find a name that could get you some unusual attention you might prefer to consider something a little less “out-there”.

Other important things to consider

  • Has someone already used that name?
  • Is the name easy to pronounce and spell?
  • Does it sound like something else?
  • Is it relevant to my target audience?
  • Will this be a single product or will it be part of a collection?
  • Where will the name appear? On a website? A billboard? T-shirts? etc

If in doubt, go for something descriptive.

Some examples of cool names (from awesome people I work with)

    • Little Farasha named her product line “Keffiyah Dribble Bibs” – Keffiyah is the name of the fabric, and they are dribble bibs – her primary target market is the Middle East who are familiar with the word “Keffiyah”.




  • John Falchetto has his “Tribal Sessions” – single coaching sessions to help entrepreneurs identify, grow and nurture their communities, their “tribes”

Ok, so naming your delicious offerings can be really hard.

How did you decide what to call your products and/ or services?

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12 Responses to What should you call your product (or services)?

  1. Hey Ameena,
    Thanks for the shout out! haha. I almost spit out my coffee when I read the title “cooking with poo”. That is just awesome. I was literally talking about names with my coaching client yesterday…about how to name and brand her coffee shop. I told her about how you helped me think of my brand as a personality and pick words that are associated with that personality. That really worked! You got skillz.

    As always love your posts they crack me up!

  2. Well you learn something everyday and I think you’ve just given me permission to start using the word Pajero more often 😉

    Seriously great tips Ameena, I think we have a tendancy to overcomplicate things and try to be too clever. There’s something special in finding that clarity and simplicity speaks volumes.

    • Naughty, naughty Jackie 🙂 I think words in international markets is hilarious – I need to dig out some photos I took in the Middle East – the back translations of Arabic words would have you in tears!

      Yes, keep it simple!

  3. Hi Ameena,

    I just loved this article. Cooking with Poo made me really laugh. My friend, Mr Bull the graphic designer, called his business Bull Artistry! It too raises a few eyebrows.

    Thank you so much for the Pajero translation. It reminds me of the Australian medical term, ‘NITH Syndrom’. Hospital staff use this word to explain certain patient behaviour. It is short for Nutty In The Head!

  4. Ameena,

    I always say that working with you has changed my life — not just my business.

    One of my favorite parts of our work together was coming up with amazing, fitting names as you say. We did all of the steps you write about here and more. We had a lot of ideas, and then decided on Sacred Bling–the only name that could really sum it all up.

    I receive so many compliments, and comments about the name–it always draws attention and compliments. People get excited.

    What can I say woman, you truly rock it like you mean it!!


    • You rock Robin! – it was all there really (I just knew which buttons to press)! It was a LOT of fun coming up with Sacred Bling – then the momentary fear that maybe no one would get it and then realising everyone loved it … AWESOME! <3

  5. What a timely post — I’ve been thinking a lot about how to name our services lately so they’re descriptive enough to not be misleading (the difference between “24-hour Submission” and “24-hour Turnaround” is a small but important one) and brief enough to not read like a description of the service — this checklist completely helps.

    Although it’s too bad “Cooking With Poo” is already taken. We’ll have to think of something else, I guess…

    • Ha ha – yes, 24hr Submission certainly sounds like a loaded name … especially following the success of the 50 Shades Trilogy … glad you found the checklist helpful!
      Keep me posted on what you come up with!

  6. Ahem. I drive a 1989 Dodge Raider, which is literally a Mitsubishi Pajero with Dodge Badges on the fenders. At present, I have emails out to friends in Australia and Japan to find me Pajero badges for my little Rocinante. I couldn’t care less what it means in Spanish – and I live less than three hours from Mexico! 😀

    More on topic, something else worth keeping in mind is the WHY>HOW>WHAT “Golden Circle” of communication. Once you’re clear on your offering and target customer, do everything you can to lead your message with WHY and HOW before WHAT. A couple examples:

    A) Cooking with Poo is a new cookbook full of delicious recipes the whole family will enjoy. Pick up your copy today!

    B) Poo believes cooking with fresh ingredients shouldn’t just be easy – it should be fun! Cooking with Poo explains how to save time and energy while preparing delicious recipes the whole family will enjoy. Check it out!

    See how it works? Good times.

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