6 easy ways to generate awesome word of mouth (Work your Networks!)

Word of mouth is still one of the most important marketing activities you need to make your business fly.

Getting the word out there about your delicious offerings is crucial (obviously)!

Many seem to stall when it comes to reaching out for a number of reasons; fear of being salesy or waiting for the “perfect” moment or because they don’t know how to reach out to their target audience.

Similarly, the idea that you can only market to people you’ve never met before is a common stalling point.

Here are my top 6 tips on how you can get more eyes on your business (and get more sales) without it feeling icky!

In short, work your networks!

From the day we are born we are constantly creating relationships with people, whilst we all follow our own path there a dozens of people who will be more than happy to help you spread the word about what you do.

Some of your biggest opportunities can be found in these groups: Friends, Relatives, Acquaintances, Neighbours and Kids (FRANK).

How do you reach out to these gorgeous people in your networks?

  1. Send an email to anyone you can think of, reminding them what you do and who you help and HOW (sing it loud and proud).
    Whilst you might think everyone knows what you do already, the chances are they’ve forgotten.
    Include a simple request to either share your new offering to anyone who might be interested or to share something on Facebook. Tell them what you’d like them to do.
  2. Pick up the phone.
  3. Make sure you are confident about how you talk about what you do so you can casually drop it into conversation (and yes, this is possible with virtually ANY business) when you’re out and about!
  4. Use any forums or groups you are part of to reach out to the community you are part of. Don’t sell to them. Just remind them what you do and ask if they can support you on social media or introduce you to someone.
  5. If you have a business that has a lot of offline activity, ask your favourite cafe/shop/gym owner/manager if you can leave a leaflet or poster in their space.
  6. Ask your customers/clients to give you kick ass testimonials and put them proudly on your site! You can even ask them to spread the word on their networks too!

All these steps can be done without a huge time investment (and it’s free)

Remember, people who know you already love you and trust you.

Don’t make things hard for yourself by feeling you need to go out and find new people all by yourself!

Word of mouth and personal endorsements are worth a gazillion times more than any flashy advert or sales page can!

Your turn

  • How have you used your personal networks to grow your business?


8 Responses to 6 easy ways to generate awesome word of mouth (Work your Networks!)

  1. I always neglect these channels, although I struggle dropping what I do into conversation because it always ends up with a, “hmm… OK….” and immediate end of conversation. I put it down to either my choice of career is deemed boring, I’m rubbish at dropping something into a conversation or I’m just speaking to the wrong people! Or a magic combination of all three 🙂 will definitely send out an email though. I’m not even sure my parents know the name of my biz!

    Thanks Ameena, great post!

    • Hi Gemma! If you can talk about your work excitedly (which I know you can) that excitement will pass on to the listener. Storytelling is an obvious way for you to get a conversation started especially as you are in a service industry which usually racks up a bunch of “interesting” encounters pretty fast 😉
      Now you are aware that you need to talk about your biz, and to make sure everyone knows what you are up to, I’m sure it will get easier and easier to tell people about your awesomeness!!

  2. I tend to over-analyze before even starting to think about working the networks. Thanks for the reminder that it is ok to ask for support! I am starting to get the word out through social media about what I do. And yes, I am going to publish my prices. I love your elegant way of saying “look this is what my service is worth, feel free to get in touch with me”.

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