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Amazing art from talented + brilliant biz owner. Huge thks to Ameena!

Marie Forleo, best-selling author, speaker, online-entrepreneur.

“You think business coaches don’t need coaches too? Wrong! When I came to Ameena for help I had hit a wall in my business and needed some straight-up advice and clever ideas to help me get beyond my own stuckage. I had had my eye on Ameena for awhile before I finally decided to book with her. Thank god I did! Ameena does her homework, supports growth, and has a never-ending supply of good ideas when you hit a wall (and we all do at some point). Since working with Ameena my email list and income has straight up doubled! Ameena has a critical eye for success and she can smell a good idea from miles away (and bad ones too!).”

– Anna Long Stokes, Business Strategist, Oregon, USA

“It is a real pleasure working with Ameena on marketing strategies for my website, Perfectly Provence. Ameena listened to my requirements and business goals and turned those into manageable tasks and milestones. Her upbeat personality and industry knowledge are helpful when brainstorming ideas and project deliverables. I look forward to continued success with Ameena’s help.”

– Carolyne Kauser-Abbot, Perfectly Provence: Provence food, lifestyle and Mediterranean living magazine. Alberta, Canada.

“I have gone to Ameena more then once to help me with my marketing needs. Her in-depth knowledge of both the online and offline marketing sphere is indispensable. She is intelligent, intuitive and insightful. And if all that wasn’t enough, her 110% commitment in helping others fulfil their business potential is inspiring. I highly recommend her services to anyone lucky enough to have her in their arsenal.”

– Sahar Wahbeh, Dumyé: Dolls With Purpose. Dubai, UAE

“Are you looking for a marketing dynamo? Someone with wit, beauty and brains? Look no further than Ameena Gorton. She not only has the creative ideas to set your brand apart, but she puts them into action. Her experience crosses all borders — geographically and technically. From luxury goods to software Ameena delves into your target market’s mindset and develops a plan that will leave you breathless. What are you waiting for? Ring her up!”

Janice Cave, Creative Director at Cave Creative, Philadelphia, USA

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“I had something amazing to offer and wanted the brightest, most talented person supporting me. Ameena is a champion in my corner–always three steps ahead, guiding the way. She’s got her finger on the pulse of what’s relevant and will absolutely tell you what is just marketing fluff. I’m talking leading edge thinker here. No matter how big the dream, her answer is always the same: “Let’s get you there!” She keeps me grounded, focused, and has helped me concentrate my superpowers in a kick-ass way. Hurry up and book her now while you still can! I’m not kidding.”

Robin Hallett, Intuitive Healer & Rockstar Reader, Illinois, USA

“Ameena is not just super talented and passionate about her work – she knows her stuff inside out and is the most dedicated to help you finding your business purpose.. your niche.. whole wholesome – new YOU!! I’m so glad I have followed my intuition and asked her to help out – I have a new level of confidence and new clients are streaming in! I will sign two more and that’s it for now as I need me time as well.I coach much more than what I used to and that makes me really really happy! And yesterday’s workshop was – BINGO!! :)))THANK YOU Ameena, you ROCK!!!'”

Angelica Horvatic – Wellness Coach, Croatia and Middle East

Ameena is the kick in the butt you need to get your online business where you want it. Her experience and knowledge about business and marketing are seriously amazing. She has helped me refine my online presence to where I am really thrilled with the outcome and am growing my list daily. She is so fun to work with, sharp as a tack and I now hold all of my marketing materials up to the Ameena-test. If it’s not Ameena approved, it doesn’t go online. I can not fully express what a pleasure she has been to work with and how she has helped grow my business.”

– Amber Goodenough, Entrepreneur, Nebraska, USA

“Our website was attracting visitors but our conversion rate was very poor. Everything seemed to be there except no-body was making enquiries. Ameena helped us identify the main issues and advised on what needed to be changed. The next day we received 3 new enquiries! If things continue like this we’ll be recruiting soon – not something many people in the finance industry would expect at the moment.”

Sharon Hill Revol, French Mortgage Direct, France

“My vision was Little Farasha was getting lost by this feeling that I needed to offer 100 different products. She helped me craft my message, my wording, where I should need to be to put myself out there but she gave me the confidence to trust that I can just do one or two things… Ameena keeps me focused on what matters and reminds me, often, that yes, this is all meant to be! Thanks to Ameena I’ve been comfortable in approaching the larger brands in the market to become distributors and realise that I really do deserve a successful business that I am completely in love with.”

– Maha Gorton, Founder, Little Farasha, Dubai, UAE

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“Ameena is fabulous at helping to bring about the “Aha Moments”! When you are immersed in a project it is important to take a step back to make sure your objectives are actually being met. Ameena helps bring about that clarity. Thank you!”

– Trudi FordCommunications and Marketing Manager, United Way of Peel Region, Ontario, Canada

“Ameena has a knack for getting straight to the point and directing you toward necessary marketing work you’ve been putting off. In our case it was the creation of a logo for our coffee company. Ameena helped me see, in a few short moments, how important a logo is for the stage we are in the business, and how the rest of our marketing will flow more easily once it’s done. It’s silly to hold back in business — and with Ameena in your corner, you won’t!”

Stefanie Frank, Frankly Good Coffee, Las Vegas, USA

“My first session with Ameena was fabulous. She didn’t come with cookie-cutter ideas. She studied my biz; my website, my social media platforms, my blog etc and she came with ideas that were actionable immediately. She really knows her stuff and what makes her stand out from other marketing people I’ve worked with is that she has lived in many countries. Consequently, she understands completely different cultures, their shopping habits and how marketing works differently for different cultures. This was a real eye-opener for me. If you are looking for someone to help you with your business and who REALLY knows her stuff then you don’t need to look any further-Ameena’s your gal! There are a lot of so-called “marketing gurus” out there. But Ameena stands out head and shoulders above many I have encountered. She’s also a really lovely person too :-)”

Vannessa Vinos, Luxuria Jewellery, UK & Spain

“It was great working with Ameena on my personal stylist business. She helped me think through the details, pricing, and marketing strategy in a clear and objective way that help me get started and took off right away. My first 3 clients didn’t even flinch with the price Ameena suggested which indicates that Ameena knows the art of pricing in and out. I definitely get pay way more than I originally expected and I’m now in the premium market thanks to Ameena.”

Kritika Storer, Kritika and Company